Peter Meaden RIP

Last night, Chris Chappel, Peter Meaden and I left our office (next door to The Ship) in Wardour Street and went and had dinner a few doors away in The Strada restaurant. Peter was in a very strange and distant mood. Chris and I were a bit worried about his comments and demeanor. He was often like this though. so, it wasn't something new. We left the restaurant at about 9:30 and we all headed off in our respective different directions. Chris was the only one who was driving that day. He had his little white BMW 2002, manual of course, parked in the car park next to the Ship Pub. I went back into the office as I had a bit of work to catch up on. Chris got his car and Peter headed home to his parents house by the underground. When I got into the office this morning i was shocked to find out that Peter had gone home to his parents house in Southgate and overdosed on some kind of downers and died. We were all utterly stunned. Pete had worked with The Who as I think their first manager and also publicist. This was awful news and very sad. A great loss. #PeterMeaden #TheWho