Eric Clapton - Sunshine of Your Love

Back in 2003/04 I found myself travelling around various parts of the world photographing Eric Clapton. Japan, Europe and USA. Whilst on the US leg of the tour, Mr Clapton organised a massive concert for his Crossroads Charity. It was a 3/4 day event in Dallas. It was so hot in Dallas that weekend. I think it was about 150 degrees. Ok, that was maybe a slight exaggeration, but believe me it was incredibly hot. So much happened that weekend and it was very busy and a lot of fun. My brother Simon was also there as he lives in LA. There were so many people that I knew there and lots of friends. Obviously the wonderful Tony Edser & Where’s Eric team. Other great friends of mine, Joyce and Sam Moore (Sam & Dave), Billy Preston, Michelle Breger & Sandy. Last year I got a call from Genesis Publications. They were producing a very exclusive limited edition book for Eric Clapton. It was going be called Eric Clapton & Friends, Sunshine of Your Love. Genesis Publications had been told that I was official photographer for that event and they had been asked by Eric Clapton’s office to get in touch and ask to see my photos from the event. So, I edited up a few hundred photos and off they went. Its been quite a time, but, early this morning a courier arrived with my Official Crossroads Guitar Festival Limited Edition book of which there will only be 2000 copies. I was rather touched as it was personally signed by Eric Clapton. There was also a lovely letter enclosed thanking me for my ‘Valuable Contribution’. The reason I have mentioned this is not to be brash or anything like that. Obviously I was paid for this, but, the fact that I have been thanked in this way with a nice letter is quite rare these days and I really appreciated it. Now,  about the book! Yes, it’s beautifully produced and full of some fantastic photographs. Mine were only from that particular event. There were other Crossroad events and they are in there as well. There are some great photos from some brilliant photographers and friends of mine. Robert Knight, Kevin Mazur, Michael Putland & Jun Sato to name a few. So, if they are not yet all sold out, get on the and try and buy one. It really is a collector’s piece and one to keep! I am very proud to have so many of my photos in this beautiful book.