Albert Lee

Today I headed into Hampstead, North London and met up with the legendary guitarist, Albert Lee. When I arrived Albert made me a lovely cup of tea. We had quite a long discussion about living in the US and discussed why we take tea out to the US on each trip... Albert has lived in the USA for 45 years and lives in LA. Its quite amazing the people Albert has worked with over the years.. The Everly Brothers, EmmyLou Harris, Eric Clapton and many, many others. This is a testament to his immense talent. Albert also told me a great story about how he bought a beautiful piano in London and had it shipped back to sunny California. Then, on another visit to London he brought with him the serial number for this Piano and went to the manufacturers and managed to trace it's previous ownership and therefore, its history. It had once belonged to Harold Craxton. It was in the Late Harold Craxton's amazing house where we did our photoshoot today. #AlbertLee #Guitar #Musician