The Who - Kilburn State London

The plan today was to go to Kilburn and shoot the live show that The Who were doing today for the film by Jeff Stein "The Kids Are Alright" Chris Chappel met me there and then we went inside. This was to be the first time the band had played together in about a year. I found the performance very exciting. Lots of retakes etc. Jeff Stein is a nice man and seemed in control. I did a shoot with Pete Townshend after the performance with Pete and Mesa Boogie amps. I don't think Pete uses them yet though. According to Alan Rogan, Pete's guitar roadie, he said Pete wont use them. After the show and when the filming was finished, I headed back to the office in Wardour Street, in Soho, London. #TheWho #Kilburn #RogerDaltrey #PeteTownshend #KeithMoon