Bob Dylan Pavillon de Paris 40 years ago!


I must admit I find it kind of hard to fathom that last week on 5th July, it was actually 40 years ago that I went to Paris, France & officially photographed Bob Dylan for the first time. Okay, let me just clarify that. I had photographed him just prior to this in London, but, that was rather un-official, to say the least. But, it was the un-official pictures that I took in London that enabled me to be 'Official' this time.. As far as I knew right then it was only going to be a 'one off' for me.. However, it's a much longer story and a fact that shortly after this Paris gig, I end up in Los Angeles & became Bob Dylan's official photographer.  This was Bob's 'Street Legal' Tour. Here is one of the photographs that I took in Paris 40 years ago July 5th 1978..  In fact on the front page of my website, is a photo of me, with hair, taken on Bob's Street Legal tour, on board Bob's Boeing jet & it was taken by, none other than, drum roll please......Bob Dylan.. 

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