Happy 75th Birthday Sir Mick Jagger

A big Happy Birthday to one, if not the fastest moving & brilliant performers I have photographed. On a good day, Iggy Pop comes 2nd. Sir Mick is also an astounding songwriter. I remember turning up at Earls Court Arena in London in May 1976 and standing in front of the stage waiting for the show to start. I still to this day don't know why I did this. But, I took my usual camera equipment; two Nikon F2s bodies, lenses etc.. But, I also took along my Hasselblad. Now anyone who knows a bit about photography will know that the Hasselblad 500cm wasn't really designed for that kind of shoot. Anyway this daft photographer took it anyway. When one looks into a Hasselblad, the subject that is actually moving in ways that you could find hard to follow. Especially when it was Mick Jagger.. He was so fast and all over the stage.. That was my first time shooting the Rollings Stones live. I have worked with them quite a few times since and each time I have been very aware Mick Jaggers on stage sprinting and dancing. Anyway, it's not about me and my daft selection of cameras back in 1976. It's about the god like genius that is, Sir Michael Philip Jagger. So, happy birthday.

Here are a couple of pictures of the birthday boy. taken 27 years apart. The black & white photo I took at the gig at Earles Court in London in 1976. The colour shot I took on the 40 licks tour in either, Denver, Colorado or Phoenix, Arizona (I cant quite remember where), in January or February 2003. By the way, in my opinion, he looks God-Like in the colour shot don't you think? 

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Jagger Phoenix 2003 - 01A-2.jpg