Mark Knopfler - Happy 69th birthday..

All I seem to do is post on peoples birthday's. Or at least it feels that way. I must do more than a birthday blogs! Anyway, it is of course the truly amazing Mark Knopfler's 69th birthday today. I have known him, not well i hasten to add for a long time. I first met Mark and the whole band, Dire Straits in early 1978. I was shooting lots for Phonogram records, and their Vertigo label around that time. Dire Straits were signed to Vertigo. I was asked to go and shoot them at their little residency at the Marquee in Wardour Street, London. I think I was asked by Bob Nolan at the record label. If you read this Bob, was it you that sent me to shoot them? Anyway, Dire Straits were bloody brilliant.. I worked quite a bit with them that year. Funnily enough, later that year is when I was in USA on tour with Bob Dylan, that Bob asked me to put him in touch with Mark, which I did. The rest is as the say, history. Mark met up with Bob and they worked together on Bob's next album 'Slow Train Coming'. I have photographed Mark quite a bit over the years and its always been an absolute pleasure. I was working with another fabulous band recently called The Staks Band who hired Mark's superb recording studio in West London. Mark was in the studio complex some of the time, so I showed Mark the photo that I have posted here from The Marquee 1978.  Mark has asked for a copy for himself. Which was nice, as I guess he liked it. I have now added this photo to the Fine Art print sales on my website. Anyway, Happy birthday Mark.

Here are a few photos of Mark Knopfler. The first is a very early Dire Straits shot at the Marquee, Wardour Street, London in early 1978. The next is with the great Joe Brown! Yes, Joe 'Bloody Brown. That was taken at the Lonnie Donegan benefit concert in 2004. The last photo was taken at one of Mark's own gigs at the Royal Albert Hall in 2005.

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