ON A MISSION - 11th September 1978

I was slowly getting over the jet lag. After all I had only arrived about 4 days earlier from London. I borrowed a bright yellow convertible VW Beetle from my cousin, Paul Fisher (Paul was grandson of one of my grandmothers other sisters in LA, Kitty), The Beetle had a badly damaged front wing and I remember the drivers seat having horrible sharp metal springs coming through the seat. One of which ripped my trousers. Anyway, it was a car and I was grateful. Off I went and left Salisbury Avenue, Canoga Park in LA and aimed myself in what I had hoped was the direction of Beverly Hills. Now, there were no SatNavs in those days, only a pretty rough map. So, after quite a few wrong freeway decisions on my part, I eventually arrived in North Robertson Boulevard in Beverly Hills. I parked up and picked up my rather large envelope, which I had taken with me containing transparencies of Bob Dylan’s Paris show a few months prior to this. I found the office with the sign outside Mahoney Wasserman. Well, this was it, the same name on his business card which was in my other hand. So, deep breath and in I went.. Once inside the very smart reception area, I walked up to the reception desk and asked for Paul Wasserman. The lady on reception asked my name and called through to one of the offices deeper in the building. I was asked to take a seat. After a few minutes, a young lady came out to meet me. She said, ‘Hi, I am Candy Coffee, Mr Wasserman’s assistant.” Now, as she told me her name, all I could think was, this is brilliant ‘Candy Coffee!’ what sort of name is that? I only heard names like that when I watched the Marx Brothers films. I also thought, wake up sunshine! This isn’t London, this is LA. Maybe that’s a normal name here! After all this was pretty much my first trip out on my own since I arrived in the USA.. Candy asked how she can help me and explained that Paul Wasserman was out. I explained that I had met Paul in Paris and he allowed me to shoot the Bob Dylan show there. I suggested that I leave the transparencies with her to show Paul when he returns later, which I did. Now when I think about that, it was quite mad leaving original transparencies with someone who I had never met, was a little bit daft, to say the least. I gave her my LA contact details and politely left the office and headed back to Canoga Park. I was still hoping that Paul Wasserman might get in touch with me after seeing the photos. But, I knew it was a long shot, it always is. After all, I had made the leap and actually travelled from London to LA and I was really on a mission! As they say these days, if you don’t buy a ticket you cant win the lottery! Now it was a bit of a waiting game for me, will Paul Wasserman call me?