One of My Favourite Celebrity Families 'The McCartney's

Sir Paul McCartney has played an important part in my life. I am guessing I am not alone there! Being one of The Beatles was quite a big deal. Saying that, it might be hard or even impossible for some younger people today to realise how big the Beatles actually were. There music is played on most radio stations around the world every day and that started more than 55 years ago, which is truly astonishing. When I was younger one of my friends became rather close with Linda McCartney’s oldest daughter. We therefore spent a lot of time with the McCartney’s in their St Johns Wood, North London, home. That was quite a long time ago. Anyway, I love seeing them and was thrilled to take this picture of them about 8 years ago. What a lovely, warm & talented family they are. Left to right, Mary, James, Sir Paul & Stella McCartney