Coldplay in the Jungle!

In July2005 I was photographing Fuji Rock Festival in Japan. It’s one of those amazing festivals that everyone should try and experience at some point, if possible. It’s not held, as some people think near Mount Fuji, but, it is about 4 hours North of Tokyo at Naeba Skiing Resort, Niigata. In the summer its more like a jungle than resort. It’s a very large festival, a bit like Glastonbury with Stages everywhere and miles in between. It’s very odd, but almost every time I am there, the weather changes and it goes from high humidity to some storm of biblical proportions. Usually, a Cyclone, or something similar. So, often getting between stages walking miles along muddy water sodden paths, with thousands of people trudging either way is a challenge to say the least. Not to mention, I would be carrying tons of cameras, lenses and laptop, Jaffa Cakes etc. No wonder I am even now worn out at the thought of it. I remember me having to make my way to meet up with Coldplay. I was struggling to get out to their stage in time to meet with Chris Martin before the gig. I was going to do a quick shoot for Rolling Stone Magazine. We had only allocated about 3 mins before the gig. I then was going to shoot the show. I did get there just in time and we had about 30 seconds at most. So, I got a quick nice shot of Chris on a wooden bridge crossing a small river near the backstage area. Then it was a very fast band shoot just before they took to the steps to head up onto the stage. That wasn’t one of my greatest shots. It was literally just a snap of them as they said, ‘OK Let’s go’ So, the sun was going down and they were headlining. I was shooting from on the stage. Now some people may think that the stage is a great spot to shoot from, but, quite often it isn’t. On this occasion it wasn’t. So, I left he stage and went around into the photo pit. There I saw that golden Japanese sunset along with stage lighting and additional flying wildlife and there was the silhouette of Chris Martin on the piano getting into his stride. I don’t know how many thousands of people were in the crowd, but, there were a lot, maybe 75000. Funnily enough, I didn’t have a chance to count them, so, cant be sure. However, it was one of those performances that will stay with me forever. So, here is a photo of Chris at the Piano on that night July 2005, Japan!. Oh and yes and for the recoord, it really was Yellow! please excuse the pun….#Coldplay #ChrisMartin #Japan #FujiRock #Paino #Niigata #Music #MusicPhotographer #MusicPhotography #Nikon #Hasselblad