Bob Dylan - London, 1978 (Gold Edition)

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Bob Dylan - London, 1978 (Gold Edition)

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Bob Dylan, London, 1978 (Gold Edition). Limited edition of 500. Each print is numbered and signed by Danny Clifford. Includes numbered and signed Certificate of Authenticity and unabridged backstory (excerpt below):

‘Bob Wants a Word’ (Excerpt)
[…]Having quickly bought a small crate of beer from the bar area, I proceeded through each security ticket check point with my hands full of beer. Each time I was asked to produce my ticket, but (conveniently) I couldn’t reach it, as my hands and arms were full of bottles of beer! Finally, I managed to get to the front of the arena[…]

[…]Knowing security would be onto me pretty quickly, I shot as much as I could from the front row and then swiftly departed before I was thrown out. It was the next morning, while in the Royal Garden Hotel browsing the press reviews, that Bob caught sight of my photos, splashed all over the London Evening Standard Newspaper. As I popped into my office, which happened to be inside the offices of The Who (112 Wardour Street), I received a phonecall from Paul Wasserman, Bob’s publicist. Surrounded by Keith Moon, Roger Daltry, Pete Townsend and John Entwistle, a lengthy phone conversation ensued, with the nutshell being that Bob loved my shots and wanted to use them to promote his forthcoming US tour. That is, until the moment when Paul said, “hang on a second, Bob wants a word with you…” Wide eyed, I mouthed to the room that Bob Dylan was about to be on the line! Before Bob even had a chance to say hello, Roger grunted, “give me the phone!” and took it from my hand. Passing the phone back and forth between Roger and Keith, they excitedly tried to explain who they were to a presumably confused Bob Dylan. By the time they had finished and handed the phone back, it was Paul on the line again and my chance to speak to Bob on the phone had been thwarted[…]

Available framed or unframed. The print will be numbered somewhere between 1-500, subject to availability. All prints produced with the very finest archival, acid free museum paper. We offer two types of frames: ‘Gallery frame’ uses thin, elegant, glossy black wood with mount and standard glass. ‘Luxury frame’ has a thicker body (also gloss black) and includes LRI glass (Low Reflection Invisible) to filter UV light more effectively, enhance the display and prolong the life of the image.

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Our Fine Art prints are produced on museum-quality, acid-free archival paper. We only use the very finest quality paper, for a combination of aesthetic perfection and ensured longevity. As such, we have selected Permajet as our printing partner. We use top-of-the-range Epson UltraChrome K3 ink on cutting-edge, Giclée printers, such as our Epson Stylus Pro 9880.

Each print is delivered in an acid-free wrap and we also supply a pair of cotton, museum gloves for further handling. You will also receive guidance on how best to preserve and protect your artwork, including recommendations for mounting and framing. If you have any further questions about maintaining or displaying your print, feel free to get in touch via the contact page.