It's exhibition time! 'Up Close & Personal' Who wants to come along?

In all my years as a photographer, I haven't actually exhibited my work. Saying that, I did have one exhibition at the amazing Proud Gallery in London in 2006. It was a pretty crazy event and there was lots of publicity surrounding it. I did quite a few TV & radio interviews and on the opening night, which was guest list only. it was rather rammed to say the least. I had calls from celeb friends of mine saying that can't get on the guest list. It was a complete sell out so to speak. We had many celebrities show up there, including some Sex Pistols, Suga Babes, Pogues, Libertines, TV presenters and many more. The exhibition was exclusively my photos of my previous few years on the road with Babyshambles. That is, Peter Doherty, Kate Moss et al. So, this in itself caused quite a stir. 

Now, this evening event, on September 19th & 20th, is the first time ever that I have exhibited a broad selection of my photos. They will include, Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones, Amy Winehouse, The Who, Queen, Pink Floyd. Rory Gallagher,  Eric Clapton, Dire Straits, Chuck Berry, Squeeze, Tom Petty, Status Quo, Van Morrison, Shane MacGowan, Leonard Cohen, Johnny Cash, George Michael, Ian Brown, Oasis and quite a few more. 

Many of the photos will have the back story of how and where the particular image was taken. I must say, some of the information is rather interesting. Incidentally, all of the photos are limited edition prints and will be available to purchase for which we will be taking orders on the night. Whilst there is absolutely no obligation to buy anything, it may be worth me pointing out that it will only be about 13 or so weeks until the holiday season, yes Xmas etc. They might make a lovely gift for someone.. In any event, if you are do get to be on my guest list on the night, you can just enjoy the Champagne and other refreshments and have a look at the photos and have chat. I am planning on being there with the family on both evenings. 

The event is actually a private event in Central London, as mentioned above, on the evening of both, September 19th & 20th. It is being hosted by our wonderful lawyers, Keystone Law. They invited me to hold my first exhibition at their International Head Quarters in Chancery Lane, London. I am told it should be quite an event. They are inviting all of their lawyers and their clients as well. But, I have room for approximately people 50 on my personal guest list. So, if you fancy coming along and seeing these photos 'Up Close & Personal' for the first time, please go ASAP to the contact page on my website  ( ) and fill in your details and a message saying that you would like to come along and how many there would be of you. It is first come first served.. So, please do it now! Those of you that are successful in getting on the list will be emailed with the invite and full details in due course.

Oh and whist you are on the website, please join our mailing list..


Bob Dylan London 1978 Live 01.jpg