Country life!

During the morning I was sitting at my desk and working on a few things when I realised that there was a kind of dust cloud out the back. I look up and realised that there was something going on behind what appeared to be dust.  I decided to grab my camera snd head outside. I immediately heard the growling of vehicles & machinery. The farmers behind our house had decided to do some work in the field. It was quite amazing to me. Only because I am a city boy really. Born in the East End of London and lived in cities most of my life. Anyway, the dust that was coming off the field was immense and once it filters into our house, it will cause a big problem with all printers, cameras etc. So, doors and windows shut.. Here are a few shots of the scene before I saw the combined harvester and some of the Red Kites flying through the orange dust cloud along with one with blue sky after the dust subsided.. The joys of country life..  #Countrylife #Harvesting #Farmers #RedKite #Nikon @UKNikon #Countryside #Farm