London and The End of The Road

Well that was an amazing mini tour. Such great fun and what fantastic audiences. So, here is to Cambridge, Birmingham, Basingstoke, Aylesbury, Southend, Cardiff & London. Here are a few pictures from the Adelphi Theatre London.


The shows were superb. It’s always interesting when opening for another band and it can sometimes be tough. But, I have to say, the fantastic WetWetWet fans loved Miel and her brilliant band. From the moment she hit the stage in Cambridge on her first night, the fans were with her! Clapping along during the songs that were the ‘clap along type’ and then giving such warm rapturous applause at the end of each song.


Everyone in the Miel camp is lovely and the band as I have said are SO good. The team behind are pretty darn good as well. The engine room is driven and well oiled by Lewis Chapman. The operation was overseen by my friend (and genius) record producer, Andy Wright. He was also there at the gigs making sure it was all running beautifully, and it did! So, what a team, what a tour! Bravo Miel..


The WWF, yes that’s right, THE WWF (World Wildlife Fund) have adopted one of Miel’s songs for a massive campaign. The Miel train is rolling on and leaving the station! So, jump on board and join all of us and buy her new brilliant album “Surrender to the Feeling'