Jerry Lee Lewis - The Killer

I think it was 2006 that I was doing a little bit of work with the legend, Jerry Lee Lewis. We arrived in London and I think the show was Shepherds Bush Empire. I had arranged with Jerry & his daughter Phoebe, that in London, we would do a photo shoot in his dressing room. So we arrived at the venue around 2:30pm. I was told we would do if after the sound check. So, I casually waited around within range of his dressing room. Just in case it happened earlier. The soundcheck was supposed to be at about 4pm. I sat there, I then got up and paced up and down the corridor. I was rather hoping to get the nod from Pheobe, for me to come into his dressing room. Anyway, the time for soundcheck came and went. Jerry didn’t leave his dressing room. The hours passed and there was no sign of me doing the ‘promised’ photo shoot. I was still loitering around near his dressing room and it was now nearly show time at 8:30. I had not moved from my position outside his dressing room. Then suddenly, the door opened and out came Jerry. He looked at me and calmly said “Lets get this done, shoot” So, I did. I had been waiting for 6 hours and had 5 seconds to get that shot. Jerry then stumbled past me and headed for the elevator to take him down to the level with the stage on it. I then went down in the elevator with him and Pheobe. When we arrived at the back of the stage, Chas Hodges of Chas n Dave fame, whispered in my ear “Did you get the shot then”. Chas n Dave were supporting Jerry on this tour. Chas & Dave had been rather amused by my loitering and patience all day.

Jerry Lee Lewis DC2_0340.JPG

Jerry Lee Lewis is without doubt, one of the legends of that ‘Rock n Roll’ era. He is also known as ‘The Killer’, I never really knew why. One thing I do know is that about 8 months before Elvis died, Jerry Lee turned up drunk in his car at Graceland. He crashed into the main gates then whilst trying to throw a bottle of Champagne out of the window of his car, it smashed the window of the car as he forgot to wind it down. The security called the police and they found one very drunk Jerry Lee Lewis with is car embedded in the gates at Graceland, a smashed window and a loaded gun on him. So, was he going to shoot Elvis or just drunk and happened to have a gun? Who knows. So, back to London and there was I bravely facing this dangerous man in the corridor and I shot him (well with a Nikon). All in a days work eh!